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  • Three Autumns Apart From You

  • Author(s) : Manman
  • Status : OnGoing
  • Last updated : 20-02-2020
  • View : 6,560
  • Genres : Romance , Drama , Manhua
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Three Autumns Apart From You summary:

Three Autumns Apart From You summary: Since they both had stationery brands for names, Ji Zhencai and Bai Chenguang have been shipped together ever since middle school. After reuniting once again eight years later, they’ve somehow entered into a superior-subordinate relationship in a pet shop! When a girl with a fragile heart becomes the subordinate of a cold sharp-tongued boss, especially one who’s rumored to be in a scandal with her… How is she supposed to deal with these awkward yet heart-thumping situations?!
Age warning: Comic Three Autumns Apart From You may have sensitive content and images, not suitable for your age. If you are under 16, please choose another story to entertain. We will not be responsible for the related if you ignore this warning..
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